Windows 11

Time for Windows 11 update ?

We are sure many know that Windows 11 has been launched last Oct 2021; on the 5th. The big question :

Should we update now or immediately when prompted ?

Well, in our opinion: You should hold on first for the following 3 reasons.

a. Is your hardware ready ?

Windows 11 has higher system requirements than Windows 10

b. Did you do your backup of important files , excels, documents, videos, pictures ?

With any upgrade of software/hardware, we always advocate “Data safety first”. When did you do your last backup ?

c. Are you ready for some nuisances ?

As observed with any upgrade of OS, certain programs, functions or features become unavailable or dysfunctional. Software vendors are still doing their catch up games. We can’t blame them too. Sharing our experiences from in-place update of Windows 7 to Windows 10, all these nuisances go away with a reformat and clean installation of Windows 10. Viola !

We reckon that it sticks the same with Windows 11.

In the event, you unknowingly updated to Windows 11, you got 10 days to revert to Windows 10.

After reverting, you have to pause the update every 7 days.

And of course, if you need us to help on this Windows 11 update thingy ; You can contact us at