The Right Tool to do it : Putty

It is cooling day today. Cooling as it has been raining since early hours on 9 Jul 2020. Cooling as it is the day for all physical campaigning to halt. Voters have to decide tomorrow. Then it struck me when one of my colleagues mentioned that he is missing putty to strengthen the hold of a wall plug when mounting a camera !


Yes. My team is trying to mount a PVC box to a wall using wall plugs and he was saying that he didn’t have the putty to reinforce the plugs. It totally left me puzzled. My known use of putty material is to patch up holes, to level up wall but never to use it to reinforce wall plug’s hold. While pondering over this totally new usage of putty, I got ping by Microsoft’s email. It brings us update on Teams !

Many have used Zoom as it can do multiple participants video wall. Well , now Microsoft is doing the catch-up. 3 x 3 video is now possible and then they are adding a 7 x 7 video wall. And I hope that we can get more and more !.

You can read other updates at this site.

Anyway, it is still puzzles me why my colleague will want to use putty for unintended usage .