One (1) Thing | Windows 10

For many of those who live in Singapore, we have just celebrated the start of Phase 2 post Circuit Breaker period. It has changed the default work mode for us; the tech folks who provides support. Thus, during this period, we can only provide remote support via many different tools like #Anydesk, or #Teamviewer, or #Logmein as we have yet settled on a RMM platform.


Then I chanced upon this article shared on Linkedin. Source:

After skimping through his article, I realise my team has missed out using this native tool to support our customers. Just click on Start button, type “Quick Assist”. It fires up the app. You need both parties (tech folk and customer) to run this tool.

And if i want to give assistance, then I will need to sign in to a Microsoft account. Not a big deal as I am using O365.

Then I just need to share my security code to the customer who needs my assistance and viola !