What is Office 365?

Believe many of you heard of Microsoft product called Office 365 but do you actually know what is it, what benefits and limitations they have? “It’s an online office application”, “It’s a subscription based product”, “Not too sure”? This is the reason why we are writing to give you more in-depth knowledge on Office 365.

You are right! Office 365 is a Microsoft brand that uses cloud-based subscription to provide services and software.

So what’s good about Office 365?

With Office 365, you can simply login to Office 365 portal and download full version of Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word) for 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets including iPad, Android, Windows, 5 phones per user. Unlike those one-time purchase Office product, where you can only install Office applications on one machine. Each licensed user are given 1TB OneDrive cloud storage per user as well.

Office 365 service subscription offers e-mail and social networking via Exchange server, Skype for Business (SFB), Office Applications, OneDrive for Business (OFB) and SharePoint for business users. It also includes Microsoft Teams and Yammer for business users to have better collaboration and productivity. With content sharing, shared calendars and team chat, each member in the team will get in sync and achieve more by working together effectivity and efficiency in their unique ways. You get to share with people outside your organization from wherever you’re working and whenever you need! All data come from only one source hosted in Microsoft data center so if you make changes to a document, the other parties will always see the latest version in real time.

The limitation of having Office 365 email service is that deleted items are only kept for max. 30 days in Deleted Items folder. The recovery of deleted times is set to 14 days retention policy in Office 365. Once item deleted and not recover during the 14 days, there is no way to retrieve back. However, there is a fee-based license to permanently retain the delete items.


Security is always the factor every company is concern about. Not to worry! Microsoft has achieved Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security Standard Certification (MTCS SS – Singapore’s Cloud Security Standard) for Office 365 and Azure. This made Microsoft the first and only global cloud service provider to achieve this certification. Source: https://news.microsoft.com/en-sg/2014/10/30/mtcscertification/

Since Microsoft have achieved the certification, let us leave the security to Microsoft! With Microsoft taking the responsibility and reliability for security, your IT Team will be free up to do more business critical and important things such as helping users to get the most out of your enterprise software to improve productivity.

Office 365 Customer Stories: Singapore-based bank DBS, has already sought to Microsoft Office 365 to increase productivity and customer satisfaction by using cloud technology and culture of innovation. DBS has determined that Microsoft solution’s security measurements and capability of collaboration were ideal for cashless banking, paperless and branchless. “We believe the Microsoft cloud is more secure than anything a traditional bank could implement. DBS gains consistent vigilance, technology experts that no bank could likely retain, and constant security reinvestment” said David Gledhill, CIO of DBS. Source: https://customers.microsoft.com/en-sg/story/dbs-banking-capital-markets-office-365

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