One way to abuse OneDrive For Business1 way to abuse OneDrive For Business !

Are we not spolit for choices nowsadays? Uber has left Singapore scene. No more free rides from Grab that sends me to and fro my favourite drinking haunt.  We just love to exploit every bit and pieces of freebies, freemiums and what not ! I found an exploit with O365 OneDrive For Business.

We keep taking more photos, videos and gifs. Storage used to be such a premium and dead block but I am moving away from the NAS, USB hard disk and what not. (You have to carry it around in order to access your selfies, wefies, videos , boomerangs). I switch to online storages. The usual free ones are not sufficient for my usage and I found a way to get the most out of online storage subscription.

For SGD 7 a month, I get 2TB worth of online storage. It comes with a mobile, online portal and we can use it with a NAS if you happened to own one. You can use 1TB to backup whatever files found on your NAS and the other 1TB for your photos, videos, documents on your smartphone. We cannot split the first Terabyte of space but you can re-design the 2nd Terabyte of online space. One caveat of this cheat, your single file cannot be bigger than 15GB in size. Well, at the moment, I am not shooting 4K videos else this cheat does not work for me.  So take note !

So the important ingredient to get this cheat running, subscribe to O365 Business Essential and you can start cheating. Some may ask why don’t we just get OneDrive for Business standalone plan ( and why O365 Business Essentials.  Well, You get a lot of additional perks with O365 Business Essential ( while paying the same price for a happy meal. O365 Business Essentials covers email hosting, online storage, online Word/Excel/Powerpoint and more.

If you want to get the subscription, you can look for me at or buy it yourself at our Cstore : (Office 365 Business Essentials)

If you are lost in getting the cheat done, you can look for me too.